Cabbage and Honey – Wonderful Remedy for Cough

A tickling sensation at the back of your throat that occurs after an episode of cold or exposure to irritants is Dry cough. It is non-productive, (i.e. does not produce any mucus or phlegm) often caused by inflammation in chest or throat (pharynx). A dry, hacking cough may be triggered by pollutant or allergens present in the environment or caused by a viral infection. Persistent dry cough over three weeks may be a symptom of chronic illnesses like Asthma, chronic bronchitis, or in worst cases, lung tumour, heart failure and other physiological illnesses and should be reported to your physician promptly.

The home remedies for dry cough that provide instant and prolonged relief is use of cabbage and honey.Cabbage and Honey - Wonderful Remedy for Cough

-2 cabbage leaves
-500mm of Honey

How to prepare.
Take a leaf of cabbage and place it in bubbling water for a couple of minutes, or until warm.

At that point apply honey on one side of the cabbage leaf and put it on your mid-section. On top of the honey and the leaf put a plastic pack and wrap yourself with a scarf or a towel. carry out this strategy before sleep time.

If you have a more grounded cough, you will require two bits of cabbage, one to be set on your mid-section and the other one on your back. Expel everything in the morning, and have the treatment keep going for around 5 to 7 evenings, after which the cough vanishes without a follow.

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