Benefits of taking milk

We are all aware of the health benefits that milk presents to all organisms that consume it. It contains several minerals, vitamins, proteins, calcium and iodine. It a perhaps one of the few meals that we cannot replace with anything else, and in fact should be taken on a daily basis.

Research from nutritionists indicates that milk is very important to maintaining good health. We are all aware of the health benefits that it presents to children. Actually, medics advise that infants should consume milk at least once daily to supply them with the extra energy they require to keep up with their growth.

Scientific research has proved that milk is a key ingredient to a healthy heart and a good memory. In addition to this, research also indicates that people who regularly take milk perform better than those who don’t in memory tests. This is clear proof that milk is important to the development of our brains.Benefits of taking milk

This benefit also extends to people who use dairy benefits regularly such as ice cream, cheese and yogurt. Researchers of the university of Maine concluded that The brains of individuals who take about six dairy related meals works better and faster, reducing the possibility of developing dementia in old age.

This research was carried out on 1000 young people aged 23 and several thousands of people aged between 23 to 98 years of age. In reference to other studies, people who have not developed the habit of taking dairy products have a 5 times probability of acquiring dementia in old age. These findings have laid bare the fact that the benefits of taking a glass of milk on a daily basis are uncountable.

Researchers are convinced that magnesium which is the main component of dairy products safeguards brain cells from death, keeps you away from heart diseases and maintains your blood pressure at healthy levels

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