The Beauty of Pink Himalayan Salt

Research shows that using pink Himalayan salt is healthier than normal table salt. The healthiness comes directly from the environment and place of its origin.

How History makes it healthy
The history of Himalayan salt dates back to 200 million years ago. These were sea salt beds and were once covered by lava. The lava covering not only added extra minerals to its composition but also saved it from pollution. The snow and naturally rich habitat which prospered in the area for several years also preserved and added to the richness of this salt. It can be easily said that nature worked hundreds of years to make this healthy product.The Beauty of Pink Himalayan Salt

What makes Himalayan salt rich?
The reason for its richness of Himalayan salt are important minerals which were added to its composition over the years. These minerals are exactly those 87 trace minerals and elements, which are needed by our body to be healthy. These include sodium chloride, calcium, potassium and magnesium. As the refined crystals of the Himalayan salt are larger in size, this allows less sodium to be consumed, making it a healthier option. Another scientific fact is that the minerals found in the salt are in colloidal form which are small enough to be absorbed immediately into our body. Moreover, the cellular structure of salt stores vibration energy unlike other salts.

Why salts are needed by our body?
Salts are needed by our body to support healthy lungs and respiratory function, to aid in vascular health and to promote a stable pH balance within the cells. The salt also helps in reducing the signs of aging and prevents conditions like muscle cramps and dehydration. Apart from this it helps in healthy sleep as well as increases libido. Moreover, it also functions as bone strengthener and detoxifier. Some added benefits of salt also include, easing up blood circulation.
If Himalayan salt is compared to other types of salt, the health and other benefits can be clearly seen.

Sea Salt
As commercialization has hit us hard, the sea salts we find in the market has become more processed. The main purpose of sea salt available in the market is not health but just to give taste of salt so it deprived of all healthy minerals while processing it. Apart from processing, pollution in the sea also hampers its composition.

Table Salt
Just like sea salt, table salt is also heavily processed and majority of its minerals are extracted to be sold individually for higher profits. Most table salts only contain sodium and chloride left in them. The process through which, the table salt passes also makes it unhealthy as it consists of bleaching and then adding of synthetic iodine, which is difficult for body to digest. The normal table is so much processed that it takes twenty times more water to digest it and this heavily burdens our digestive system.

The fact that most doctors and medical experts advice us to abstain from table salt is not because of salt itself but the very reason, that it contains harmful chemicals which were added to it while it was being processed. Himalayan salt is not only pure but is also not processed and thus is best for our health.

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