Beauty of Including Pies of strawberries in Your Diet

Strawberry is widely appreciated for its characteristic aroma, bright red color, juicy texture, and sweetness. Moreover, it is consumed in large quantities as prepared foods such as preserves, fruit juice, pies, ice creams, and milkshakes. Artificial strawberry aroma is also widely used in many industrialized food products

Strawberries contains a higher level of vitamin C. They are also rich in fiber, potassium and antioxidants and hence including them in your daily diet can provide protection against heart disease, high blood pressure and even certain cancers. It has also been known to enhance memory function and prevent rheumatoid art.

Ingredients to prepare pies of strawberriesBeauty of Including Pies of strawberries in Your Diet

-150 grams of sugar
-1/5 kg of margarine
-4 eggs
-1/4 kg sharply flour
-Some baking powder
-1/2 pounds of strawberries
-4 egg whites
-300 grams of sugar
-Some Juice of lemon


Blend the margarine and sugar, and then add egg yolks, flour and baking powder. When it will brown, sprinkle it with bread crumbs, and then add strawberries and sprinkle with crumbs once more. At the point when the outside is prepared, put the glaze over the pie, and return it to the stove to catch crust.

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