The Astounding Effects of Negative Thoughts and Emotions on Your Body

What is important to understand is that life is full of emotions whether they are positive, negative, happy or said. These emotions define how our body operates and the effects of negative thoughts or emotions should not be discounted. In fact, our emotions are strongly connected to our health overall. When you are feeling a specific emotion in your body, your body releases specific chemicals and these chemicals create a distinct culture within your body itself. Examples of these chemicals are Dopamine, Serotin or Oxytocin are released when emotions relating to happiness are released. That being said, when our body feels the elements of stress, it releases a chemical called cortisol, which has an entirely different effect on the body.

What is fascinating to consider is what happens to the body when we think negatively every single day? In contrast, what is the difference if a person is positive and has positive thoughts all the time? In order to learn more, read below to see how our emotions are deeply connected to our body’s overall health.The Astounding Effects of Negative Thoughts and Emotions on Your Body

The Difference Between Positive Thoughts and Negative Thoughts

Granted, the human mind can be neutral towards some topics; however, our mind usually will define strictly what is positive and negative. Since the brain is so powerful, once it defines something to be positive versus negative, the body will receive a strong different reaction in the activity. An example of this can be seen when you are driving and you get cut off by another car. Some individuals will get very upset and immediately decide to be in a negative mood while another person will brake and then move on with their day. This shows that things are not necessarily positive or negative, but that our mind puts them into different categories as such.

Try to Alter Your Perspective as Much as Possible

Many times, things are not just positive or negative, but the mind decides them to one thing or the other. Thus, if you are defining how a specific situation affects you, then your body will react in a specific way. What is important to apply to this reality is the concept that if we try to respond positively to situations that may be negative, we will be doing the overall health of our body a great service.

How Our Body and Mind Are Connected

In spite of the exterior façade, the body and mind are strongly connected. Even though positive thinking can lead to an overall healthy lifestyle that is full of tranquility, it is also true for the converse that destructive thinking will lead to a very unhealthy and unfulfilling life.

The emotions that the body experiences can be stored in the cellular memory of the body. This is why you will feel pain from a prior situation that caused you a great deal of emotional stress. Depending on the type of experience that you had, it is likely that a specific area of your body will store the particular energy from that experience.

Additionally, if you feel any pain or stiffness from prior injuries, it is usually related to the emotion within your psyche. The reason that this is seldom noticed is that we exist in a very fast faced world, which is based upon setting emotions to the side.

For example, when I experienced chronic back and neck pain, it was not caused from physical injuries or exercise. Even though I had invested a substantial amount of capital on therapies, they did not help me because there were hidden emotions involved in the pain that I was experiencing. Once I finally addressed those emotions that I possessed, the pain began to go away.

The reason for these pains is that it is our body’s way of asking us to be mindful of our current state and to make an effort to make peace with ourselves.

The Power Inside All of Us

In “The Sacred Balance” by Davis Suzuki, he relayed that various condensed molecules from breath exhaled from expressions derived from anger, jealousy, or hatred contained a great deal of toxins. If one were to quantify these emotions over the span of one hour, these toxins would be sufficient to kill 80 guinea pigs. This is incredible to imagine and really puts into perspective the harm that we are doing to our body by holding onto negative emotions.

What is true is that we are the only ones who have the power to make positive changes in our life. The changes start with smaller situations and learning how to not make them negative. This will have an enormous affect on your overall health. Thus, try to look into situations with positive thoughts and try to take a deep breath before reacting negatively to situations. By doing this, you will be able to make a great difference in your overall health and attitude in life.

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