an effective way for hemorrhoid treatment

Hemorrhoids are common diseases for men and women though a lot of people do not really share about it because of embarrassment. Hemorrhoids can be very inconvenient to your everyday normal routine especially when it gets too swell and painful. You cannot even move properly when you have this disease. However, hemorrhoids should not be kept secret especially from doctors or from you close family members so they can help you out on how to treat hemorrhoids. Furthermore, it pays to check what the internet has for you as well. You can create your own ointment just using the ingredients and materials you can find at home.How to Treat Hemorrhoids

1 tablespoon of honey
10 grams of finely powdered propolis
50 ml of any vegetable oil (preferably olive)
50 grams of quality bees wax

What you are going to do first is mix the honey with the refined propolis. Make sure that you mix these two ingredients well. To get that perfect mix, use a wooden spoon on an enamel bowl for mixing. After mixing the honey and propolis, place it first inside the refrigerator so it will harden. This will make it easier for you to break down the propolis. Create the second mixture which is the bees wax and vegetable oil. Let them boil in a low hat using a pan. When it is already boiled, remove it then have it chilled for a while. When already chilled, combine two mixtures, the honey and propolis and unto the second one.

Wash our hands before applying the ointment to your anus. Make use of a clean gauze or a cloth then apply the ointment to your anus every night before sleeping. Do this through consecutive nights and you will see its effects.

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