An Amazing Diet That Can Help You Lose 10 Pounds in 7 Days

Do you really want to shed off some weight in a remarkable time? Well, here is an easy, fast and effective diet to ensure you lose ten pounds in a record one week. The diet abounds with useful and healthy ingredients that have proved to work. In addition, the diet takes in to account that all meals of the day are provided and thus there isn’t skipping the meal.Lose 10 Pounds in Seven Days


Kick start your day with a glass of cold lemon water. This mixture when taken on an empty stomach purifies toxins and activates metabolism. Half an hour after drinking cold lemon water, eat two oranges or two apples or a large grapefruit. Then, finally, seal your breakfast with a handful of nuts, hazelnuts or almonds. Nuts containing antioxidants are best especially for women as they rid the body of free radicals as well as activating metabolism.


The diet has an allowance for a sizeable portion of cooked meat, chicken or veal. This should be toned down with 2 cups of sour milk or Yogurt.


A simple snack comprising of fresh salad seasoned with olive oil and sprinkled with little salt is just enough.


Dinner should be served earlier enough, preciously before six in the evening. Two big boiled eggs and a green salad or cucumber salad seasoned once more with a little salt and olive oil should be enough for a dinner plate. Keep vigil and never eat anything after six in the evening. Afterwards, make preciously a liter of green tea and put four tea bags. Drink this every day just before bedtime. This is the most effective menu for a week or ten days, but much depends on the number of pounds one is interested in losing. But take it or leave it, in seven days you should have loose ten pounds or even more. All the best in your pursuit to attaining your desired weight.

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