7 Super Dietary Ingredients that Increase Life Span

We are living in a time where everyone has become conscious of their health and doing their best to maintain a balanced and healthy diet. This in turn has led to increase in awareness of the importance eating healthy.

In this era, people are more sensitive about what they put on their table and every meal includes significant nutrients that help in fighting different illnesses, viruses and colds. Here we have sampled seven different ingredients that can help boost your health significantly within a short period.

Rice – It is rich in vitamin B1 which helps in reducing diabetes risk factor.

Broccoli – It is known to be rich in vitamin K which helps in production of insulin in the body, this in turn keeps the blood sugar in check hence less likelihood of developing diabetes.7 Super Dietary Ingredients that Increase Life Span

Cranberry Juice – It is a perfect ingredient for reducing coronary disease and works best if you can manage taking at least three glasses per day.

Avocado –To reduce blood pressure and stroke, take avocado which is rich in potassium and use it with desalinated foods.

Red grapefruit –It is good for reducing bad cholesterol in the body and works best by reducing 20% LPD if taken one daily.

Coffee –Take 2 to 3 cups of unsweetened coffee and reduce the risk of heart diseases by upto 53%.

Green leaf vegetables –Is a good way to improve antioxidant levels in the blood hence helping fighting several diseases including cancer.

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