5 Ways how to get rid of pimples

Today, it is a common problem of young girls and boys. They want to know how to get rid of pimples. When toxins includes in the blood circulation then body needs to remove it via skin. If toxic material removes through sweat then acne and pimples will not appear on the skin. In other case it causes acne and pimples or other skin problems such as rashes, allergies and many more. For this toxin issue doing exercise and workout is the perfect option.  An active and healthy lifestyle will make your life comfortable. The other important thing that you need is the healthy and balanced food.how-to-get-rid-of-pimples

Causes of pimples

1.    Toxins
Toxin is the major cause of acne. By eating unhealthy food, an inactive life style and stress can produce toxin in the body.
2.    Hormones
The production of testosterone in the body forms sebum oil. It causes facial pimples
3.    Oil Glands
The hair follicles are connected to the oil glands. It forms acne on skin. The oil production is the main reason of pimples.
4.    Dead Skin Cells
Obviously it is a major reason of acne formation. It produces pus in the pimples and can
worsen the situation.
5.    Clogged Pores
Dirty skin, bacteria and clogged pores due to the dead cells of the skin produce pimples. The use of the much cosmetic will destroy the skin cells.

Tips: how to get rid of pimples

1.    Avoid using chemical cosmetic
Use mild cosmetics and avoid the items that contain concentrated chemicals. Always use natural items for skin treatment. Keep your skin clean and dehydrated.
2.    Eat Healthy diet
Prefer eating fresh fruit and vegetables. It is completely healthy diet that cleans your body and reduce toxin to produce. Avoid eating junk and fast food. It produces toxin in the body.
3.    Ice
The use of the ice is the best solution that guides you how to get rid of pimples. Wrap ice cube in a cloth and keep it on the affected area. It will make it dry rapidly. Keep your skin cool and avoid eating items that produces harmful components.
4.    Tooth Paste
Use toothpaste for getting rid of the acne. Apply white toothpaste on the affected area for the night. And wash it in the morning.
5.    Cleansing
Keep your skin clean from dust. Remove cosmetics before sleep. The cosmetic is the reason of clogged skin.
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