5 Beverages for Slow Aging

Whether it is through anti-aging skin creams or slow-aging medicines, we spend a lot of time and money to make ourselves look younger. Unfortunately, natural options are not the most common method to achieve such a goal – though it should be considered as there are five different drinks that can help keep those wrinkles away.

1.Water is essential for day to day life as it stops dehydration and headaches. It is also known to get rid of any toxins in the body and keeping not only your organs hydrated but also your skin hydrated. These two effects of drinking water rejuvenates your skin and insides and by making the skin hydrated, dry patches and wrinkles are less likely to appear – a great technique for slow-aging.5 Beverages for Slow Aging

2.A popular favourite of most health-conscious people is green tea. Polyphenolic antioxidants can be found within the hot beverage, which can help in maintaining a healthy body both inside and out. Some recommend drinking between 2 and 4 cups of tea to achieve the full potential of the antioxidants.

3.Tomato juice is another drink full of antioxidants, which also helps skin remain nourished and consequently younger looking. By also improving your digestion, tomato juice is an overall great drink to put in your system.

4.You may be surprised to know that hot cocoa is also great for your skin. Some scientists have previously claimed that there are more antioxidants found in the cocoa than in caffeine, red wine or green tea, and can also been good for the heart.

5.A small amount of red wine consumption per day has been known to be good for your health, as it can protect your heart, similarly to cocoa. It has also been reported that red wine can help keep wrinkles at bay, though be careful when consuming alcohol by limiting your in-take.

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