A 22 day vegan diet menu that worked effectively for Beyonce’s body

The vegan diet which is maintained for 22 days was the decision for the star Beyoncé and Jay Z her husband. They choose this vegan diet after their 44th Birthday as a more beneficial method for eating. This vegan diet was found working effectively for Beyoncé where she achieved higher calories loss that was observed from her more slender. Beneath is their everyday menu of 1,500 calories.

· Breakfast:A 22 day vegan diet menu that worked effectively for Beyonce's body
1 glass orange juice
1 slice toast combined with 2 tablespoon peanut

· brunch:
1 glass soy-calcium added milk
1 glass cereal

· Lunch:
2 tortillas with a bit tortillas, chopped tomatoes, kale
1 glass soy milk
1 glass beans
a half avocado.

· Dinner:
Tofu and boiled young pods
a half cup brown rice
a half cup fresh fruit

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